Case: defeated chaos, fixed sprints, returned motivation

The work was carried out according to Scrum, while new very urgent tasks constantly arrived from the customer, which could not wait for the next sprint. It ruined the whole rhythm, it was not clear what to take. In addition, there were a lot of meetings. The team constantly grew and gradually grew from 1 team of 10 people into 14 teams, totalling about 400 people.

Problem: Fuss and lack of order in backlog management, taking into account constantly arriving tasks, demotivation of the team since there is no direct feedback from the customer (too big leader constantly ignored the demo and only created new problems if something was wrong).

Analysis: Reviewed processes and structure in detail.

  • Distributed teams by functionality, and singled out product owners.
  • Began to conduct demos directly to users with mandatory representatives from the customer and do planning immediately after the demo.
  • Switched to Kanban with a hotline rule and a capacity for each of the stages.
  • Introduced a strict rule - each team can have no more than 1 story on the hot lane and it becomes a priority for everyone.

The transition to Kanban for all participants took 1 day, Kanban simulation games were held together with customer representatives, who were able to experience and remove questions for themselves about why it takes so long and why we cannot do everything at once.

  • Increase Team Capacity by 3 times in 3 months.
  • Increase Time to Market by 10 times on average for features.
  • Growth of team involvement in product development, including the generation of ideas for its development.
  • Product CSI (user rating) doubled in 6 months.